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Designed for the digitizing of complete data, eTraveler part travelers allow for real time operation and continuous updating. By centralizing digital information regarding work orders, business operations are streamlined. Company manufacturing information can be accessed from a remote location. Electronically managed part travelers create a synced work environment with the ability to share data across various departments. With this technology, tracking system resources and performance has never been simpler or more accurate.


​»  5 year battery life

»  10 million write life cycle

»  Inexpensive, durable and re-writable. 

ST | ST3

​»  Our smallest design allowing for necessary information and minimal space

»  Perfect for standard machine identifying, single step display, etc.

»  Easy to read text for clear viewing

M | M3

»  Compact and versatile for identification, beginning analytics, etc.

»  Offers space for logo and design

»  Bar code and QR code capabilities due to size

L | L3

»  Larger traveler tag allowing for even more design options

»  Improved efficiency in content communication

»  Effective size to content capability ratio

XL | XL3

»  Optimal size for content communication and bar code scanning

»  Ideal for machine and part traveler identification and analysis

»  Most popular seller in part traveler collection


»  Largest design offering maximum space for content and graphics

»  Designed for maintenance calendars and intricate shop order information

»  Allows for compete information to be communicated most effectively 


»  600ft radius spherical range allowing for mass data transmission over large areas of manufacturing

»  4 in 1 capabilities: Has the ability to simultaneously collect data from all traveler devices, send universal commands, send commands to specific devices, as well as advanced remote control access

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