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Since 1994, Morris Controls has provided concise software solutions for manufacturing control systems. With the advent of inexpensive

E-Paper, we developed a series of solutions to common efficiency issues across a range of industries. The eTraveler product line representing the culmination of many man-hours of research and product testing. Let us assist in tailoring this to suit your case.

History of Part Travelers

Part travelers are an essential component of the manufacturing process. Travelers are printed paper work orders used on the shop floor, that workers use to create and assemble specific orders. Travelers keep track of information as  parts move from process to process.


The eTraveler immediately reports status changes to the operator on the floor and reports job progress to the front office. 

eTraveler Explained

With eTraveler tags, live information moves with the parts in manufacturing. eTraveler tags come in several different sizes depending on your manufacturing needs. 

Changes to priority, inspection results and any other relevant data, write to the database and tag simultaneously. There are no more handwritten notes on work orders, notes are updated on the PC and sent to the tag. All notes are stored and causes of part loss become part of the permanent record.

eTraveler does not replace your ERP or MES system, we integrate with it. Don't have a system? Our eTraveler software can act alone as a basic ERP system.


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